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@@ -88,23 +88,23 @@ private keys for use with Prosody. Commands are of the form
`prosodyctl cert subcommand`. Commands take a list of hosts to be
included in the certificate.
-request hosts
+`request hosts`
: Create a certificate request (CSR) file for submission to a
certificate authority. Multiple hosts can be given, sub-domains are
automatically included.
-generate hosts
+`generate hosts`
: Generate a self-signed certificate.
-key host \[size\]
+`key host [size]`
: Generate a private key of 'size' bits (defaults to 2048). Invoked
automatically by 'request' and 'generate' if needed.
-config hosts
+`config hosts`
: Produce a config file for the list of hosts. Invoked automatically
by 'request' and 'generate' if needed.
-import hosts paths
+`import hosts paths`
: Copy certificates for hosts into the certificate path and reload
@@ -114,11 +114,11 @@ Debugging
prosodyctl can also show some information about the environment,
dependencies and such to aid in debugging.
: Shows environment, various paths used by Prosody and installed
-check \[what\]
+`check [what]`
: Performs various sanity checks on the configuration, DNS setup and
configured TLS certificates. `what` can be one of `config`, `dns`
and `certs` to run only that check.