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also added note on licensing of that module
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+No 'to' attribute:
+ IQ: Pass to appropriate handler
+ Presence: Broadcast to contacts
+ - if initial presence, also send out presence probes
+ - if probe would be to local user, generate presence stanza for them
+ Message: Route as if it is addressed to the bare JID of the sender
+To a local host:
+ IQ: Pass to appropriate handler
+ Presence: -
+ Message: Deliver to admin?
+To local contact:
+ Bare JID:
+ IQ: Pass to appropriate handler
+ Presence: Broadcast to all resources
+ Message: Route to 'best' resource
+ Full JID:
+ IQ: Send to resource
+ Presence: Send to resource
+ Message: Send to resource
+To remote contact:
+ Initiate s2s connection if necessary
+ Send stanza across