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+(This file was created from
+http://prosody.im/doc/installing_from_source on 2009-05-22)
+===== Building =====
+==== Dependencies ====
+There are a couple of libraries which Prosody needs installed before
+you can build it. These are:
+ * liblua5.1: Lua 5.1 library
+ * libssl 0.9.8: OpenSSL
+ * libidn11: GNU libidn library, version 1.1
+Both of these can be installed on Debian/Ubuntu with the packages:
+liblua5.1-dev libidn11-dev libssl-dev
+On other systems... good luck, but please let me know of the best way
+of getting the dependencies for your system and I can add it here.
+==== configure ====
+The first step of building is to run the configure script. This
+creates a file called 'config.unix' which is used by the next step to
+control aspects of the build process.
+All options to configure can be seen by running ./configure --help.
+Sometimes you won't need to pass any parameters to configure, but on
+most systems you shall.
+To make this a little easier, there are a few presets which configure
+accepts. You can load a preset using:
+ ./configure --ostype=PRESET
+Where PRESET can currently be one of: debian, macosx
+==== make ====
+Once you have run configure successfully, then you can simply run:
+ make
+Simple? :-)
+If you do happen to have problems at this stage, it is most likely
+due to the build process not finding the dependencies. Ensure you
+have them installed, and in the standard library paths for your
+For more help, just ask ;-)
+==== install ====
+At this stage you should be able to run Prosody simply with:
+ ./prosody
+There is no problem with this, it is actually the easiest way to do
+development, as it doesn't spread parts around your system, and you
+can keep multiple versions around in their own directories without
+Should you wish to install it system-wide however, simply run:
+ sudo make install
+...it will install into /usr/local/ by default. To change this you
+can pass to the initial ./configure using the 'prefix' option, or
+edit config.unix directly. If the new path doesn't require root
+permission to write to, you also won't need (or want) to use 'sudo'
+in front of the 'make install'.
+Have fun, and see you on Jabber!