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* minify removed from core (use plugin if desired)Mikael Nordfeldth2014-02-246-39/+0
* Remove util.min.js (minifying is EVIL)GNU Social instance2014-02-242-5/+0
* LoginAction somewhat converted to FormActionMikael Nordfeldth2013-10-301-1/+1
* Fixed regression from jquery-cookie updateMikael Nordfeldth2013-09-142-2/+2
* updated and moved jquery-cookieMikael Nordfeldth2013-09-145-98/+119
* updated and moved jquery-jcrop (no longer .min.js)Mikael Nordfeldth2013-09-146-164/+1894
* updated jquery-infieldlabel from 0.1.2 to 0.2.1Mikael Nordfeldth2013-09-144-166/+178
* Removed jOverlay as it's outdated and not referencedMikael Nordfeldth2013-09-122-321/+0
* jquery form updated and moved to js/extlibMikael Nordfeldth2013-09-124-633/+1207
* jquery-ui updated and moved to js/extlibMikael Nordfeldth2013-09-12126-27184/+16162
* farbtastic removed along with userdesign stuffMikael Nordfeldth2013-09-107-848/+0
* Fixed regression from util.js updates + syntax cleanupMikael Nordfeldth2013-09-102-277/+256
* Updated jquery extlib to v2.0.3Mikael Nordfeldth2013-09-104-7346/+8835
* json2 extlib updated to 2013-05-26 versionMikael Nordfeldth2013-09-104-46/+50
* Shortcut for (document).ready(). Changed .attr() to .prop() for checked and d...Brian Tegtmeier2013-09-101-7/+7
* Changed .attr() to .prop() for checked and disabled. Removed "style" removal ...Brian Tegtmeier2013-09-101-5/+5
* Changed bind() and live() to on(). Changed .attr() to .prop() for checked and...Brian Tegtmeier2013-09-101-55/+55
* Changed bind() and unbind() to on() and off(). Shortcut for (document).ready().Brian Tegtmeier2013-09-101-3/+3
* Use older-style top reply form when replying from old-school conversation tre...Brion Vibber2011-09-262-9/+22
* forgot to cat a bunch of useless separate files when minifyingEvan Prodromou2011-07-081-1/+1
* Show more menu items when you click MoreEvan Prodromou2011-07-072-2/+10
* Revert "add a 'more' button for groups menu"Evan Prodromou2011-07-061-23/+0
* add a 'more' button for groups menuEvan Prodromou2011-07-051-0/+23
* Update design settings CSS outputZach Copley2011-06-061-4/+4
* Small syntax fix for inline reply placeholder.Samantha Doherty2011-05-182-2/+2
* Revert "Kill off all document._importNode() calls except the ones used with t...Zach Copley2011-05-022-17/+18
* Revert "Fix syntax error"Zach Copley2011-05-021-3/+2
* Revert "Revert back to using document._importNode() for ajax posting"Zach Copley2011-05-022-9/+9
* Revert "Arg. Gotta remember to take out console.log() debug statements before...Zach Copley2011-05-022-1/+2
* Arg. Gotta remember to take out console.log() debug statements before committ...Zach Copley2011-04-272-2/+1
* Revert back to using document._importNode() for ajax postingZach Copley2011-04-272-9/+9
* Minimize latest util.jsZach Copley2011-04-271-1/+1
* Fix syntax errorZach Copley2011-04-271-2/+3
* Kill off all document._importNode() calls except the ones used with the JQuer...Zach Copley2011-04-262-18/+17
* Just had to update util.min.js one more time for extra merge conflict fun!Zach Copley2011-04-181-1/+1
* Remove billions of debugging statements and extra spaceZach Copley2011-04-181-5/+0
* More work trying to understand util.js and get my ajax working rightZach Copley2011-04-181-0/+1
* Getting some traction here on better QnA AjaxZach Copley2011-04-181-0/+1
* QnA - Work on getting questions and answers to appear correctly inlineZach Copley2011-04-182-3/+6
* New and hopefully correct util.min.js.Samantha Doherty2011-04-181-5/+1
* This util.min.js is pining for the fjords.Samantha Doherty2011-04-182-1/+11
| * Fix inline replies (pretty sure I got it this time)Zach Copley2011-04-172-1/+7
* | Need to be a little more specific about infield input labels.Samantha Doherty2011-04-182-2/+2
* | Update minified util.jsSamantha Doherty2011-04-181-1/+1
* | Apply infield labels to notice form inputs.Samantha Doherty2011-04-181-0/+4
* | Only auto-focus on textarea for main notice form.Samantha Doherty2011-04-181-1/+1
* | New Infield Labels jQuery plugin for microapp forms and other future uses.Samantha Doherty2011-04-182-0/+166
* Allow sending in a function to be run on successful XHRZach Copley2011-04-172-2/+9
* don't try to pre-init the @-replyEvan Prodromou2011-04-162-3/+2
* Fix regression in inline replies to newly added messages (regression from my ...Brion Vibber2011-04-152-3/+8