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* Fix a regression in 1f76c1e4 that stopped sending email confirmation on regis...Mikael Nordfeldth2016-03-021-12/+17
* Allow lookup of User->getByUri (throws NoResultException)Mikael Nordfeldth2016-02-211-0/+10
* Initial user doesn't need as strict checking on emailMikael Nordfeldth2016-01-161-3/+10
* setPassword now runs validate tooMikael Nordfeldth2015-12-301-1/+9
* Added User->setPassword($password)Mikael Nordfeldth2015-12-301-0/+10
* Infinite loop on CLI initiated profile deletion for local usersMikael Nordfeldth2015-07-181-2/+4
* ProfilesettingsAction and related stuff modernisedMikael Nordfeldth2015-07-171-10/+0
* PasswordsettingsAction aligned with FormActionMikael Nordfeldth2015-07-171-1/+6
* Removing MicroID as well as simplifying profileactionMikael Nordfeldth2015-07-141-4/+0
* static definition of User::getByNicknameMikael Nordfeldth2015-07-101-1/+1
* Easy comparison of two Profile objectsMikael Nordfeldth2015-07-101-0/+5
* Need to supply data to NoSuchUserExceptionMikael Nordfeldth2015-07-101-1/+11
* Fake recovery by email address, to hide registrants on the siteMikael Nordfeldth2015-05-301-3/+7
* Password recovery logic cleaned upMikael Nordfeldth2015-05-301-35/+32
* Subscription::ensureStart skips AlreadyFulfilledExceptionMikael Nordfeldth2015-03-041-1/+1
* User class throws exception on register failureMikael Nordfeldth2015-03-011-11/+17
* Hide posts from users with private_stream in scoping streamsMikael Nordfeldth2015-02-241-0/+5
* Merge branch 'utf8mb4' into nightlyMikael Nordfeldth2015-02-191-10/+10
| * utf8mb4 conversion on database with index adjustsMikael Nordfeldth2015-02-121-10/+10
* | Non-functional "retweeted to me" API call modified (but not fixed)Mikael Nordfeldth2015-02-171-4/+2
* User class also needs getConfigPrefMikael Nordfeldth2015-02-031-0/+5
* Don't email users who are sandboxedMikael Nordfeldth2015-02-031-0/+15
* updateKeys (for classes with PRI id) now in Managed_DataObjectMikael Nordfeldth2015-01-251-28/+0
* Add simpler delete preference for Profile and UserMikael Nordfeldth2015-01-211-0/+5
* Registration coding cleanupMikael Nordfeldth2015-01-181-1/+1
* Email notify-on-fave moved to Profile_prefs (run upgrade.php)Mikael Nordfeldth2014-07-131-2/+1
* Shortcut to Profile_prefs get/set Data in Profile and UserMikael Nordfeldth2014-07-131-0/+10
* Converted all ActivityObject::fromProfile to $profile->asActivityObjectMikael Nordfeldth2014-07-031-1/+1
* More Favorite pluginification (favecount, cache, menus(favecount, cache, menus))Mikael Nordfeldth2014-06-281-16/+1
* Simplify functions regarding locally cached profiles etc.Mikael Nordfeldth2014-06-061-9/+5
* Non-dynamic profile fetching in User and User_groupMikael Nordfeldth2014-06-061-7/+11
* ConversationTree is now a plugin (not oldschool setting)Mikael Nordfeldth2014-05-121-12/+0
* User object didn't have getNickname() functionMikael Nordfeldth2014-05-061-0/+5
* Fix Direct Message functionality.Mikael Nordfeldth2014-04-291-2/+2
* Code cleanup and enabling User object's etc. getUri()Mikael Nordfeldth2014-04-281-0/+5
* Removing unused "inboxed" flag for User classMikael Nordfeldth2014-03-071-6/+0
* Removed Inbox from core (unused since 4b2a66ed29091209c05d74755e42f96265c846ce)Mikael Nordfeldth2014-03-061-14/+0
* Removed deprecated Inbox functions not in use from UserMikael Nordfeldth2014-03-061-41/+0
* Better typing for isSubscribedMikael Nordfeldth2014-03-051-1/+1
* Minor code cleanup with group related actions (thanks brw12)Mikael Nordfeldth2014-03-011-2/+2
* function delete in dataobjects now don't break strict syntaxMikael Nordfeldth2013-10-291-3/+3
* Core and Default plugins separated, now loads on installMikael Nordfeldth2013-10-191-9/+4
* Move nick updating of User entry to Profile->update()Mikael Nordfeldth2013-10-171-1/+1
* Local_group and User are now assumed to be in same namespaceMikael Nordfeldth2013-10-171-0/+5
* Better checks during User::register and improved Nickname checksMikael Nordfeldth2013-10-161-42/+11
* Do calls straight to the result of getProfileMikael Nordfeldth2013-10-151-44/+22
* Moved favoriteNotices from User to Profile classMikael Nordfeldth2013-10-151-1/+1
* getTaggedSub-stuff moved to Profile classMikael Nordfeldth2013-10-151-38/+2
* We never accept a user without a ProfileMikael Nordfeldth2013-10-151-4/+6
* Moved shareLocation preference check to Profile classMikael Nordfeldth2013-10-061-23/+0