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* File-related functions not declared staticMikael Nordfeldth2015-06-071-1/+1
* Modernize File_to_post to use Managed_DataObject functionsMikael Nordfeldth2015-06-041-10/+11
* Send objects instead of integers to File_to_post::processNewMikael Nordfeldth2015-06-041-12/+11
* scripts/nukefile.php for blasting crap from the serverMikael Nordfeldth2015-05-301-0/+18
* File_to_post indexing and cleaning preparationsMikael Nordfeldth2015-04-151-1/+2
* function delete in dataobjects now don't break strict syntaxMikael Nordfeldth2013-10-291-2/+2
* pkeyGet is now static and more similar to getKVMikael Nordfeldth2013-08-181-5/+0
* The overloaded DB_DataObject function staticGet is now called getKVMikael Nordfeldth2013-08-181-2/+2
* staticGet for sub-Managed_DataObject classes now calls parentMikael Nordfeldth2013-08-121-3/+0
* move core schema to class filesEvan Prodromou2011-08-221-1/+20
* Bad method call in File_to_postEvan Prodromou2010-12-291-2/+2
* Stream of notices linking to an URLEvan Prodromou2010-12-281-0/+15
* * i18n/L10n and translator documentation updates.Siebrand Mazeland2010-09-281-1/+0
* ...and drop the unnecessary &reference from child class pkeyGet() overrides.Brion Vibber2010-01-061-1/+1
* define LACONICA and accept LACONICA for backwards compatibilityEvan Prodromou2009-08-261-1/+1
* change LACONICA to STATUSNETEvan Prodromou2009-08-251-1/+1
* a distributed -> the distributedEvan Prodromou2009-08-251-1/+1
* change Laconica and Control Yourself to StatusNet in PHP filesEvan Prodromou2009-08-251-2/+2
* avoid getting duplicate errors on uploadEvan Prodromou2009-06-251-5/+15
* change staticGet() from DB_DataObject to Memcached_DataObject for file classesEvan Prodromou2009-06-221-1/+1
* Database changes for file tablesEvan Prodromou2009-06-221-3/+3
* Update copyright dates in files modified in 2009Evan Prodromou2009-06-201-1/+1
* change Controlez-Vous to Control YourselfEvan Prodromou2009-06-201-1/+1
* rewrote short url stuff to handle new file/url classes (redirections, oembed,...Robin Millette2009-05-131-0/+17
* db stuff for URLs: redirections, oembed, etc.Robin Millette2009-05-111-0/+43